Cold starters

All prices are in rubles.

Forshmak (Mixture of minced salted herring and boiled eggs) with veal, sour cream and baked potatoes 480
Herring with potatoes and pickled onion 390
Pickled lamprey with honey and mustard 550
Two types of Salmon: salted and smoked, served with apple jam 650
Whitefish tartare with cucumber and red caviar 520
Classic steak tartare with quail egg 720
Venison tartare with cream cheese and sun dried tomatoes 740
Homemade jellied veal with horseradish and pickled cucumber 790
Chicken Liver Pate, served with apple jam 480
Assorted pickled vegetables 520
Pickled Mushrooms, served with sour cream and onion 750
Boiled shrimps served with sweet and sour sauce or tomato sauce 750